Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dedicated to Austin and Joaquin

born only four months apart, my sister and I both have BIG dreams of these boys growing up, 
like we did, as close as brothers, best friends, and always in each other's company.
When I found out Renee was pregnant over two years ago, I was so happy for her,
and FOUR months later, there I was pregnant too.
It was so fun being pregnant together, and then having Joquin come home from TN so little, it made me so happy.

We have tons of pictures of thew two of these boys together, since before Austin was born, and today, after a couple months of being apart, they reuninted, and it was magical.
they were kissing, and hugging and holding hands, running and screaming, racing to the slides, but not once did they fight..( no that comes as they ages ;) ) 
it was such a good time...
And the good news??

Tomorrow we have a lunch date at grandpa's house, and then later this month we are going to the 
I got all three boys matching outfits,
how cute will that be?
oh and we have a two seated stroller,
oh my gosh...
parenting is just the greastest treasure..
now for the pictures of the boys..
having a ball!!

climbing the slide
going dooown the slide

little cuties
Austin kept trying to keep up
big smiles
little monkey boy
BIG smiles
do you know how hard it is to snap a picture where they are both LOOKING?!
" time for kisses"
Oh how I missed you cousin
just hanging out, like monkey boys do!
Such a good day!

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