Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our weekend

Our weekend was photoless..

Hunting season is right around the corner, so while I sit around excited about leaf peeping, and pumpkin carving, Keith sits around and bites his nails over hunting deer, and duck and moose.

We or no..
I could not use my camera this weekend, because our only free-spaced sim card is out in the forest
inside our trail camera, which is out scouting for deer, and moose, and all wild animals of that sort.

Something fun, Austin loves walking down with Keith, we all took a walk, and found some tracks, and He loved it..

He spent some time with my grandmother this weekend, while Keith and I kicked it at home. 
We cleaned out the back room, we actually did a lot, which is surprising knowing us, we are major forget fulls!

School starts this October, and like I said FALL is coming, I got out all my decor, but decided that it is still too early. Although the night weather tells us otherwise.(. brrr it's cold.. )

this coming weekend we are going to the zoo, BIG family trip, with Auntie and the boys, and grandpa and grammie, which BTW I will defiantly have my camera for..

The weekend after that we are going camping for labor day with Pop pop ( my step dad ) 
It will be Austin's FIRST camping trip, again..
Camera is a-coming with..

Then, I will allow myself to decorate for fall, make my pear pie, and go pick up some pumpkins, and an costume for Halloween..

Everything is going to fall into place here soon. Most everything is, and everyone who loves us, is being very supportive, and those that need a little more time, are defiantly getting it.
with that being said...
people need to get their act together..
Joaquin's BDAY party is at my house this year..
so excited to plan for it,
I admit I already started..
( and yes, I started Austin's too)
Have a great week!

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