Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wonderful weekends


There is something about the weekends, that just make you feel good, even for me, I do not work during the week ( unless you call parenting a job, which it is, FULL TIME) but I look forward to the anticipation of the weekend, of Friday night..

Especially this weekend, 
We went to grandpa and grammies for lunch on Friday..
Renee and Jo, and Cole, showed up, at least for a while...

Cole Bailey
Joaquin( and Cole)
Austin loooves to drive cars.
he was peeking out the window at grammie..

Grandpa Rusty took Austin on Friday afternoon, and for a sleepover.
They brought him to a petting zoo, not photos, yet, but he had a blast..

On Saturday, Austin spent a few hours at great grams.
Then we had Joaquin over for a sleepover..
( it was the first time, having TWO toddlers)

It was so much easier, than I would have hoped for.
Jo slept through the night, so did Austin, they didnt fight TOO MUCH, and had a lot of fun together. 

playing outside Sunday morning.

We were dog sitting for grandpa Rusty this weekend, so we also ATV sat for him.
Keith went for a couple hours on Saturday morning, and had a good time, but I do not think anyone enjoys it more than this little man ever will.
Austin wants to do everything Keith does..
Austin and Daddy wore matching outfits today..
This weekend was a lot of fun!
Our air conditioner broke down, so there is another reason to be happy about fall. 
I really am looking forward to not needing the suckers..
Have a great week!

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