Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lunch with an old friend..

This week I had lunch with an old old old, possibly the oldest of old friends, from wayyyy back in high school..

It made me miss her ( DUH) but more than that, it made me miss high school, which is weird, because while it is happening, you hate it mostly, and want to grow up, want to get out, want to forget about it, but once it's gone, you miss it.
Which was never really the case for me.
I went to the tiniest of tiny Christan schools, with a total of less than 30 students in my high school. It had its pros and cons.
A pro being, you got more relationships out of it, what seemed to be at the time, unbreakable, lifelong, friendships..
The cons, were simple, I mean, it was a sheltered life, some of the people I went to school with, all they ever knew was a small amount of 'real world'..
I had the "best" of both worlds.
going to school, I got the God, and church, and got to know God, and have that knowledge, but having my family, not being religious gave the the knowledge I needed for after the day I graduated..

After school, I had already been dating Keith for over a year, had gotten engaged, and had re-mapped my goals and future.. 
Originally wanting completely different paths for myself, I met Keith, and redirected my path.
I never knew I would meet my husband so young, I thought I would be loong graduated and things like that..
We were already moved in together, and already living our 'real world' life..

We got pregnant, we lost the baby, we got married, we got our own place, we both are in college..
High school was a fading memory..

But seeing Becky, my bestest of friends growing up, made me remember that I had some kick ass friends, I loved them, and we all look the same, and we all ARE the same people we were, just all grown up and living our lives..
Some in other countries, some with families, some single.

But I cherish those memories, and I do miss them..

I also love my life now, and would not change it.
Because in my 'real world' I have made literal life long friends, that I didn't know in high school, that I met as an adult, and these friends are pretty kick ass too!

I love the memories I am making now, 
and I have this great hope for Austin,
I want to give him great memories with friends, and football ( or whatever he chooses to do)
I am going to make sure he has a kick-ass childhood, one that he would never change, or take back,
and I am going to be one kick-ass mom.
The one that all his friends wish were their moms, because I will let him stay up late playing video games, and have a 9 o'clock curfew,..

But for now,
its Barney, and tractor rides, which is okay with me..
I will not wish away these memories, because now is when it is okay to be a total mommas boy, in a few years, it might not be 'cool' ...
who am I kidding, Austin is a total daddy's boy :)
But I am one cool mommy!!

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