Saturday, September 18, 2010

Becoming a Better....

In my very serious to attempt to embark on the journey of becoming 
a better self,
a better human,
a better creature of God....

Think about remodeling your... say, Kitchen..
Think about all the work it takes into just planning it..
It first starts with dreams: dreams of your kitchen's full potential..
You picture new cabinets, and hardwood floors, black glass chandeliers, new dinner ware, and
an antique china cabinet full of souvenirs of your grandmothers, and her mother..

You start to plan. To get serious about your plans. 
You, or me, I should say, whenever I start to plan something new, I get antsy, and excited, and start to get sick of the old, and just want it NOW...
To design the PERFECT kitchen, or room. You need to take time, 
really plan what you need, what you want, and find the balance between the two..

Then.. The HARD part..
Sticking to the plan.. whether you hire out, or build yourself, you have to stick to it. If you give up halfway through it will be worse than before you decided to fix the, probably would have been fine if you never touched it anyway, room..

Metaphorically speaking, I have huge dreams for my kitchen. It is going to be grand. Right now, I am remodeling.. Taking my time, getting every nook and cranny, to ensure FULL POTENTIAL..
This redesign will take time, and in the end, will be worth allll the hard work, energy, and time spent.
MY kitchen, will still be recognizable to those who once visited it often, but BETTER..
Because.. I think..
Life is all about becoming better...
a better self.
a better human
a better creature of God..

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