Monday, September 6, 2010

What a weekend -- boy do my feet hurt!

Friday was spent with anticipation for the wekend ahead.. We packed, we cooked, and we loaded up.

It took me two hours to figure out how to put the tent up, but  I did it.

By 730 we were all settled in, eating burgers by the fire..
Austin was having a great time..

this was our tent
eating dinner..
sitting by the fire..
Then it was time for bed.. We all went to bed at 9:00, because Keith had to get up early to work.
I was laying in bed, while everyone one else was sleeping away, thinking, wow this is royally boring..
I was getting frustrated, because my flash light died, and I couldn't read, it was so hot that night, it made it miserable to sleep.

10pm rolled around, and the rain from Earl was pouring down. It woke us all up, Austin was not afraid but rather just wanted to play..

Keith and I were in agreement that it was very miserable..

Needless to say, soaking wet, 3 am, rolled around and we booked it to the car,
none of us with any sleep, all of us soaking wet..

The three of us went home, and Keith didn't even go to bed, he stayed up and worked..
Austin and I fell alseep around 4, and slept till 10 am..
Grammie took Austin for the rest of he weekend..

We went back to the camp ground, for a dance.. and it was soo fun! It was much cooler, and NOT wet, and we sleep like babies..

We got up, went out to dinner, went to a campfire with some old friends, came home, and watched Avatar on our bluray player..
It was soooooooooo GOOD!!
All I have to say is, it seriously is my new favorite movie..
and that is saying alot..

we got up, and worked ALL day today, things around the house,
I had gotten behind on laundry with all the fuss of camping, and I decorated for fall..

We are all home, safe and sound. Austin is snugg in his bed..
naked cowboy
I also baked some more cupcakes..

and tomorrow is the start of my crockpot and pies..
Steak for dinner.. YUM! 
Austin helping Daddy start the grill!
It was a good weekend... 

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