Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Middle of the week survey

One of my 

posted a blog survey, and I thought that I, myself, would also add some spice to my 
bland blog... ( okay, I am anything BUT bland) 

Here goes..
all the really important things you NEEDED to know about me!!
( did I mention I LOOOOVE to do this sort of thing)

1. what's your favorite form of exercise?
MY favorite would be going to the gym, and doing 30 minutes of the elliptical, it makes me sweat, it makes me work.. I love the gym...

2. are you an early bird or night owl?
I am both.. Although I prefer to sleep in late, so I am actually more of a night owl. I usually stay up until midnight or so.. But unlike Keith, it doesn't take me long to actually get around to being a human after I do wake up.

3. what's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents?
Well.. Something we both agree on, We want to only get married once, hold this marraige to be sacred, yes we have made mistakes... BUT we are learning from them, and the mistakes of out parents.. ( love you guys)

4. did you choose the right major in college? if no, what would you change?
I am in the medical career, which is the one I LOVE!! But there are so many differnt things I want to do, so expanding my degree is my current goal!

5. what kind of driver are you? slow & cautious? calm & assertive? aggressive? road rager?

Well... I deffiantly have aggression towards those who do not know how to drive.. But I am safe, because of Austin, and this super sad video about driving accidents.. I now try to be better at it.. 
Although my temper gets the best of me at times.. I always drive safe AND cautious! But with a mild case of the road rages...

6. can you feel changes in the weather? stiff joints, crazy hair, changes in your skin?
I have such fair skin, that it seems just the thought of the sun can turn my skin to a lobster toned reddish color.. I have had so many sunburns, I am worried about the bad outcome of it.. ( I cannot say it out loud however)

And if you saw my hair, you would understand the HUGENESS of it all... at the  mere mention of humidity..

7. what's your best & worst memory from high school?
hmm... worst memory was the 8th grade Xmas concert.. ( dont go there) 
BEST: wowsers.. I LOVED my school years ( for the most part) so.. ALL OF IT!

8. if you're sad, what's the one thing that can make you happier?
getting my way.. does that count??
no seriously.. hmm I would say hanging out with my two boys.. or just relaxing..

9. what's your least favorite food?
 raisins... burnt biscuits, too much cheese, I really love MOST food!

10. as a past wedding guest, what's the one thing that annoyed you? how did you change it at your wedding?
hmmm.. DANCING!!! I made sure that we had HOURS of dancing.. I LOVE TO DANCE!!

11. what movie can you quote along with the best?

12. what's your favorite thing about blogging?
I like having an oulet to express myself, and keep track of my family memories.. It helps my family who lives far away to keep in touch with Austin growing up, and our life in general..
I am seriously thinking about getting it made into a book at the end of the year, I read it's not that cheap..
and it would make for a cool scrap book..

13. if you could live in another decade what would it be and why?
the 80's... I just cannot get over them.. The music, the style, the EVERYTHING!!
the 80's had A/C right?!

14. where has the best meal of your life been and what was it?

Okay.. have you met me??????
I have a minor addiction to food, and it would not be fair to narrow it down to just one.. I LOVE CHINESE, ITALIAN, hmmm... I LOVE ALL FOOD! I AM NOT IMPARTIAL!

15. what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
okay.. again.. have you met me??
If I had to pick, I would say the real world.. IT is sortta for teens, but I still love IT!
Now you know all there is to know about

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