Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans..

okay.. okay.. I know, I am getting ahead of myself here. It's not even October yet, and here I am making plans for the end of November..

Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays.
you know me - love traditions, and we usually watch the parade, go to Keith's Aunts for lunch and have our own version for dinner. ( that part is different every year)
This year is different though. 
We have been through hell and back, and wanted to do something different.( Keith's idea)
He suggested going to HIS mother's , with of course the obvious restrictions:
a motel within 25 miles,
padlocks for all of my luggage,
and a nice little nanny cam for when I have to use he bathroom and leave Austin alone...

I am of course hesitant, because they obviously do not like me, I know this because they tell me,

I was hesitant, for obviosu reasons, one being near them and letting them walk all over me and my family..
and 2, being so far away from my own home and family.. 

I finally agreed to it, WITH STIPULATIONS,
and we were set on it, and its been about four days now, and I still havent backed out..

I am a creature of habit, and Keith is not one to, on a normal day, inflict drama into his own life for fun,
so I am thinking it will less hurtful, less annoying, and more family oriented, if we have our own, at our own house, with our own family, this will equal no drama, no personal attacks on my obvious large head, and just plain fun....

Keith will go hunting ( unless he already gets one) 
and me and Austin will play in the leaves, watch the parade, the game and try to bake a turkey...

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  1. it would be nice to see you all. are you still coming?