Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall as officially begun..

That means crunchy leaves, brisk walks, gourds, pumpkins, apples... GALORE..
It also mean Halloween. Which I am very excited about.. We are ordering Austin's costume today!
He will be Yoda.. Very cool..

Also we are going on our 3rd Annual trip to Rangley, pretty soon. 
We hopefully
*fingers crossed
won't miss the peak this year...

last year it was so pretty..

Also... an apple picking trip..
Keith LOVES apple pie, and I need to get a head on my practice for my FIRST thanksgiving feast as a married women, and as my marital vows state, I must make good pies..
We are going to pumpkin land, pretty soon with Austin as well..
I saw that there was a petting zoo, and a bouncy house ( I think)
SOO excited!!

Like I have said a gazillion times over, Fall is MY favorite..

We have been hanging out, doing the usual..
Drama is but, a distant memory
( thank the Lord above)
And now I am resigned to cleaning, cooking and cuddling with my son on rainy days when he begs me to let him go outdoors to play..

Poor guy looses his mind on rainy days..
Before Mommy cleaned my room ( for the 50th time)

After Mommy cleaned my room

Austin has unfortunately inherited my gene for ear infections and colds..
And he has a cold now.
Doesn't make for easy sleeping, but he is a real trooper...

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