Thursday, September 9, 2010

post holiday week

I always get thrown off guard, when a long holiday weekend comes.. Tuesday feels like Monday, Monday feels like Tuesday... soo confusing..

But rght now, not so much for me, I cannot wait until October 11th when school starts back up.( for me)
I am taking on an extra class so I only have one semester left to do. It will probably get stressful considering TWO of them are online courses, and I have never taken an online seminar.. I am alittle nervous..


Tuesday we took a trip to the mall with Auntie we had a lot of fun..
I made my first crock pot dinner, BBQ pork.. 
WOW! was it soo good!
I love fall ( i bet you didnt know that either)

This morning was our first time eating french toast... he loved it!

Tonight we went over to grandpas house and had spaghetti.. It was delicious..
Just hung out playing, and relaxing...

I am ready to go Mom, stop taking my picture!

Daddy let me drive home
( not really)
We do not have too much planned for the weekend.. We are rug doctorering this Saturday..
Doesnt it sound fun!?

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