Friday, September 17, 2010

this is not an " at least I ... " story..

This day-in-day out thing.. is not half bad. Because everyday something extra is added in, like a trip to visit a loved one, or a trip to the supermarket, or park or playground, I want him to have the best childhood ever...
( I am soo hopeful about it)
But today the ' something extra' was not fun.. It was horrifying...
I turned around from making a cup of coffee in my kitchen, to find my son with a permanent marker in his hand, with it all over his face, and hands, and shirt... 
my heart instantly stops beating for a nano-second..
I knew what it meant....
I slowly turn to see what he had done.. ( knowing it could not be good)
and look to find my entire couch marked up, like some picaso painting...
I was horrified.. I did yell at him, he didn't care. He thought it was funny..
Mommy was crying, and told him he was naughty and that it hurt her feelings what he did.. 
He broke my heart to see him so sad.. He knew he was bad, he knew it when he was doing it..
But he is only a toddler, and has to learn...
He got a spanking, he cried...
He got time out, he cried some more..
Mommy cried, he cried even harder..
my naughty son's artwork

I was horrified 
because we just bought this couch, and it was really NOT cheap.. it was expensive.. 
and its permanent marker, they must call it permanent for a reason.
Needless to say, I spent the next two hours researching, and making phone calls to local businesses trying to find a cure. 
The best I got, was rubbing alcohol..
Now, hours later, I am too afraid to use it, because if it ruins it more...
I will be in deep ____ ! 

But, to get to my point, or my title..
I am obviously not in the best of moods, it actually ruined my day, So..
when I hear someone say, " well you obviously were not watching him hard enough" or " how did he get a marker in the first place"
Do you know what it makes me want to do? IT makes me want to scream..
Because as much as in laws are naturally suppose to make you want to pull your hair out and go Rocky Balboa on their asses, it is not nice.. 
It makes me WANT to lecture you on the " at least I .."
for example " as least I am not as stupid as you"
But I won't, because it doesn't matter.. 

I guess it doesn't really matter what others think... Because 
.. well I dont know why..
But we could ask that about alll the other things my son does..
Like smearing poo all over his crib.. 
" well why did you let him have shit in the first place" 
I can put a diaper on his arse, I can put pants on his behind..
But if he passes a bowel in the middle of the night, and decides it would be fun to make art with it,
is that also my fault?
It gets on his pillow, and his blankets, and stuffed animals, and hands, AND HAIR.. And he has to take a 3am bath... But it happens, and I am sad to say, it has happened MORE THAN THREE TIMES...
When my son was 4 days old, we brought him home, put him on his changing table ( perpendicular to our bed), I unlatched his diaper, and poo when flying across the room, ONTO MY BED..
So, I must say that he is an expert poop smearing..
and there is so much more..
But because I carried him in my body for 9 months, labored him for 28 hours, got cut open in a basement OR, feed him my milk, FROM MY MOTHER-LOVING BOOB, got up and cleaned up those POOPY messes, and now, mother him EVERY DAY, you really do not get a say in the way he is raised..
Or in your opinion, the things I do wrong.
Because if you think you can do better, than have more kids and raise them.. just be careful because you will 98 when they graduate ( not that you have a good track record with your other kids on graduating)

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