Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pre-weekend jitters

That really is not an accurate title, because it makes it sound like we are nervous,
and we aren't, we are super excited! 
But I couldn't think of another title..

Today we spent the day trying to escape from the blistering sun, what was planned to be a day, that we didnt leave the house even ONCE.. turned into a double trip to the super market, in preparation for the camping trip..

I also confess I bought another nunny, because Austin lost his old one.. I could have taken the opportunity to ween him off of it,but chose to spoil him because
1) its so darn hot, he doesn't need the stress
2) he IS an only child, so does deserve a certain amount of spoilage..

However, today WAS fun..
even if we did have beads of sweat dripping off of us..
Have I mentioned, I can not wait till Fall?

Some fun things we did do today...

Ate bananas like monkeys..
Monkey Boy
Colored for the FIRST time
and with his left hand, I might add ( Keith and I are both lefties)

which one do  I like best?

We had a story time after lunch..

he is really good at telling stories
..and they are FUNNY ones too!

Hung up some more wall decor..

'M' for Mosher
made a fort out of an end table..
(aren't we creative)

Had steak for dinner
He is drinking from cups like a champ now!
Fed ourselves
( in fact he wont let anyone help him)
very serious!
Played with Daddy across the table

Took a bath.. 

Austin LOVES baths!
he was brushing his own teeth too!
Got ready for bed.. 
and talked on the phone..

drum roll...

Slept in our bed with Daddy, because it is too darn hot in his room...

I am really excited about camping..
even if Earl ( the Hurricane may pay us a visit)
Earl can't bring the Mosher's down...

this is what mommy did after tucking her boys in..

my best( non human) friend.. I will miss you this weekend, but  I got better things to do ( I will always love you though)

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