Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Men - can't shoot 'em, and dont always want to live with 'em... but still love them ( sometimes its not clear why though)

funny thing about men, and no, I don't mean sitcom funny, although when it happens on sitcoms, it really IS funny!
And I am not talking funny- HAHA, as in that was such a good joke, or lets never forget this, funny
I am talking ' boy- I -wanna-whoop-you-upside-your-head' - funny.

Because yes, they are cute, they are cuddly, they fill the empty void that would not be the same without them, they tell our biological clocks that we are not going to grow up to be old maids,
sometimes, I think being an old maid, wouldn't be so bad..
1) you only have to pick up after yourself, which wouldn't be a lot because lets face it, men make the majority of house messes ( and that is including kids )
2) you never have to listen to lame ass excuses, or just plain dumb lies..
But I guess it could get lonely, and that's where men really do come in.
They fill up our time, 
when they get sick, they act as if they are pushing a human being out of there whoo-whoo
when really you just got a head cold, you just got a bee sting, ya just shut your finger in the door,
stop acting like a BIG baby..
I was in labor for 28 hours, and you never heard me complain like that..
( well maybe you did, but stop bringing up the past, get over it already)

jeezz.. but it would be so quiet, in an old maids house..
No video games blaring, no loud phone conversations,
because for some reason MY husband talks as if the person he is talking to is hard of hearing,
hello- grandpa, your the deaf one, NOT me.. I can hear you just fine, even if you cant hear your self..
nothing, just forget it..

I wanted to dedicate this post, to the man of my dreams, because in reality I really do love you,
I cant imagine my life without you..
seriously, your such a MAN!!

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