Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary but true...

Can you believe September is practically half over??
In honor of the BEST season of the entire year, I changed my blog color to Orange,..

For a while, and by a while, I mean like two or three bloody weeks, I opted out of walking with Austin.It was so hot, I had no desire to even step outside..

Well today, it was 60 degrees, at 8 o'clock ( yes AM, people, I get up before noon) we put on gloves and scarves, and got a blanket and took a walk.. It was beautiful out. The air was crisp, our noses were red, we heard so many different noises, birds, and chipmunks, and crunching of leaves.. 

The depressing part was my camera.. I went to take pictures of Austin with his new gloves ( or I should say FIRST gloves, because he had them last year, but never wore them) he loved the things, he thought he was so cool wearing them around ( so much so he didn;t take 'em off when we got home)

The camera is not focusing, it is just a blurred image.. The lens isn't cracked or smudgy .. I have no idea what could be wrong..I am afraid to tell Keith, because he already hates it, and he may want ' to put it down'

and by  'put it down' I mean return and get another one..
AND I really love THIS one..

But I cant have blurry images... You need to see the cute little gloves and scarf he had on..
but you cant...

Fall is my favorite time..
reversely.. It is Keith's least favorite.
OBVIOUSLY I asked him why he hated me.. I mean Fall so much..

His response was sound in reason.
" because everything dies, it's so depressing"

It's true leaves, and flowers, and summer dies.. 
BUT I love it for just that..
A new start. Fresh, and the weather changes, and it makes you feel like you can do anything..
( okay, well ... it makes you feel good)

I love it BECAUSE it is colder, it is so darn pretty too. The colors - 
they aren't colors of death.. orange, and reds, all sooo great!

I am rambling.. 

I love Fall..

Keith does like it..
it is all he talks about.
OH and the new COD game coming out soon..

My life is great right now. We are doing wonderful, and I am grateful for those in my life who love me, and my family, and who are always there for us!
It is sad how some people are missing out on so much, for such petty reasons,
whatever the reasons..
IF you love us, we love you..
and we do.

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