Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September First 2010

Today was September first. Unfortunately it was the weather of July 15th IN AFRICA!!
Sweating, cranky, melting, irritable, etc
( the list can go on)
all words to describe the mommy Mosher!
Unless you hand me a cool tea, an A/C and my baby boy, 
then I am happy as a clam on the 15th of July IN ALASKA..


it was a scorcher.. and not thankfully, but this weekend Earl ( the hurricane) may pay us some aftermath visits..
That would mean rain ( not too much if he passes by) and 70 degree weather..
now, thats my kind of camping..
However, if he choses to come visit us, then we will have POURING rain..
THE EXACT opposite of this week..
Ah well, either way we are going, if it rains we will play games under the canaopy,
if it is sunny, we will go boating..
I am really excited..

Keith worked late tonight,( as in is STILL working at 8 pm..)
but to make up for it he gets THE WHOLE weekend off, INCLUDING MONDAY!!
oh boy, oh boy..
So happy..
My husband has been being so kind lately, so surprising ( no offense intended)
bringing home rentals, or ice teas, telling me I look pretty, even though we all know the sweating forehead, is NOT my prettiest look!

things are great.
Tonight me and Bubba went school supply shopping..
we had a really fun time!
here's some pictures of us hanging out being silly.. 

Tonight we hung some more wall art..

whatta think?

Family - a gift that lasts forever
the best things in life aren't thing
God Bless our Home
Wonderful Day..
tomorrow we are staying home allllll day, packing for camping, and NOT going outside.

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