Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A strange day

First things first.. you gotta know TWO things before you know about my day!

1. I have a moderate to sever case of sleep anxiety*, ehich basically means that on nights I know I have to get up, I have trouble getting to sleep AND staying asleep. I usually also, wake up feeling like I never really slept.

and 2. I have a moderate to severe case of dramatic exageration

* I am not a doctor, and no doctor has ever told me this, I think I even may have made the word up, but its really true. and fitting. so I self diagnosed myself.. ( if you ever want one, I am free)

Okay now to my day...

Last night, we stayed up late watching INCEPTION, which was insanly good, then we went to bed, proceeded by talking about the movie until one in the morning.. I think I feel asleep at some points..

Keith went to work, I went back to sleep at 530.. And 6.. Austin joined me in bed..

laddy daddy..

when my alarm went off, I rolled over, looked at Austin, and chose to let him sleep, which in turn, made me fall back asleep. which meant I wasnt going to be late for work..
BUT.. at 730 I woke up, and hurried up, so I could go..we hurried and made it to the car alittle late, but still with enough time.. I THOUGHT..

I drive like I always do, yet today for some reason Mr. Cop had to see me, had to turn his lights on, had to get behind me, had to make me pull over, had to tell me I was going to fast, had to let me go because I told him that if he didnt, then he didnt have a soul, because I was late, and had to pee, and was a really nice girl that derserved a second chance at life...  So. he did! I pulled back out, feeling very triumpent, YET LATE.. LATE.. LATE..
I push my foot down alittle more, after all it was his fault I was late.. and went to go around a turn in market square, behind an insanly slow man, and BAM, more like rub * in a whispered voice* did I brush his tailgate with my bumper.. Did he keep going? Did he forget about it? What do you think????

NOPE!! he pulls over and starts yelling at me.. AT ME!! can you beleive it? He had the nerve to drive slow, then hit my bumper then YELL AT ME!! who the hell did he think he was?
AFter 25 minutes, and waiting for the cops to show, who else is it, none other than Mr. cop from earlier in the day..
and I still had to pee..

FAST FORWARD to 1030 when I made it to work..

Then it was easy flying, best day ever!!

DISCLAIMER: none of this was factual, in fact, I had the best day, more non-hard day of them all.. Just wanted to feel like I was super busy or something.. sorry if I scared you!!
( but you were warned)

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