Friday, February 11, 2011


So. This week, was seemingly very long. I got three paper cuts, and a mother load of non-important, but still pretty stressful things happen to me.

For starters, I broke down on my way to school, which I know you already know about.. because I told you. But I was frustrated to say the least, that it is still not even looked at yet.. Luckily I have the NICEST grandfather in the entire universe, and he has been giving me and Austin rides to daycare and work..

Are you ever in a bad mood, and because of this, other things, (that would not on a normal day, ) make you really annoyed?

Well they do me! I have been so doggone cranky.

Now, when I am riding ( because I dont have a car, which I think I already mentioned) I see cars with stickers all over the inside windows... This bothers me!
Why? I am not sure. I think it is because it is ugly. I hate it. The end!

When I see a man, in a women's scrub uniform.. It bothers me. BUT.. this also makes me laugh, because it makes them look like a girl. So I guess I like it, BECAUSE I get a good joke. But other than that, I hate it. The end.

The list goes on. But I am getting on my own nerves, because whiny B*****'s get on my nerve..

Oh and for all you ladies out there, who are thinking wow! I think I know whats crawled up her bum bum and making her crazy!!

Yes!! my aunt was in town this week, but she has left.

( I know TMI) But thats what I do, and I never forced you to read my blog. so there!

The End,

ps. Tonight I am going to a country music club tpye of thing, for a friends birthday. I am excited!

I am going to dance/party with the Captain.. ALLLLL night long! till my stress floats away!!


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  1. I too hate the sticker on the car windows!!! Like you said it looks ugly!! How do the kids see out the window, better yet the driver! lol