Sunday, February 13, 2011

My very busy weekend

Friday night we had a babysitter, and we went out to a country music dance club. It was fantastic! Such a good time.

Saturday morning when I went to get bubbs from Bumpa's house, I also went and got Joaquin for a sleepover!!  The boys had such a good time!

First. We took a bath!

getting ready for bath

Is it ready yet?

Austin pointing at the toys

YAY finally!!
Then we had a delish dinner, in our mini-size table..

Then it was time to P-L-A-Y!! ( the best part of course)

abby sniffing jo


Lets tackle the dog

I had told them to hug..

The best one I got of them next to each other

Finally.. After hours of fun and excitement, we sunggled in with our pillow pets, and watched Toy Story..

Jo had a moose pillow pet, and Austin had a panda bear
This morning, we went to church. It is something we have talked about, and finally chose to do it..
And no, not JUST BECAUSE we dont want to spend eternity in a firey abiss, but because we just feel like its the right thing for us..

Here are the boys as we were walking out the door..
( underneath hose jackets, are really cute outfits)

A really good weekend..

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