Sunday, February 6, 2011

Potty Training / and the many happenings of our weekend!

Austin had his two year doctors visit last week!
And got a clean bill of health. Our little pudger is 31 pounds..
While there, I was told that he is doing great, no bottle, no nunny, sleeping in bed, eats well, drinks well, plays well with others. So I guess we need to start veutring into potty training.

For a while, I have been trying, and thinking about it, but really had/have no idea what  to do ,how to start..
I mean, I feel like  Idid when I brought him home, complete amaturer..
But now I am a seasoned pro, so maybe we will do okay.

The doctors advice was to let him go naked all day, have the potty in the living room, and set a timer, when it goes off, have im try to go.

So thats how we started.

He did okay..

He loved being "free" aka.. naked! I already knew this, because he does it, whenever he gets a chance..

But he wasnt too keen on staying on the seat for longer than .002 seconds it seemed like..

So, you know me, I had to add my own flare, and decided to go with a reward system.

If he goes #1 he gets an M&M ( he doesnt quite understand the concept of seeing candy and not getting it)
If he goes #2 he gets a matchbox car.. ( which  he hasnt yet)

So we did this for a couple few hours, with no pee or poo...

Then.. He said  " me pee"
and yes he did. On the floor!

So, we are taking it one day at a time.. baby baby steps..

Today at the store we let him pick out a couple cars, for when he does poop!

When we got home, he told me he had to.. so we get on the seat. And, without getting into the gross details.. he proved he knew what it meant, but he was constipated, and still hasnt gone.. He has a belly ache
or "bell boo-boo" as he says..

We also went snomobiling today.. THAT was fun!! Austin loved it!!! ( so did Abby)

When  I went to pull start the sled, I punched myself in the nose.. Thought it was broken, and was going to bleed everywhere and scare Austin half to death. Luckily, that wasnt the case. But it did hurt..
Keith was inside the house, laughing his a$$ off!!!
It was pretty funny! ( after the fact)

It was a good weekend! Last night we were bubba free, which is fun, yet we always miss him.. He loves spending time with his "meemee", and I am sure she enjoys it almost as much.. maybe more.. who knows..

All I know is, he talked to her on his fake phone, EVERYDAY, and if you mention going to her house, he is the first one out the door!!

We got to hang out with our neighbors, come home and have a couple drinks..

It was a good weekend,
Now I gotta work allll week, which I am sooo EXCTIED about!! I am almost done with this part, then I can start working!!

Have a great week!

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