Monday, February 21, 2011

My 5 day weekend....

*I was excited to have this many days off in a row.....

It was pretty exciting for me to have sooo many days off, where all I had to worry about was Austin and US!!

Wednesday night was the begining, and we all got some weirdo stomache thing, which gave our
"bellys boo-boo" But luckily it did not last too long..

We hung out in our jammies for a while..

always hyper

We colored, and played..

we went for some walks..

We "relaxed" with Daddy..

Austin was folding his arms, like Daddy, ( ps he is a monkey-see monkey do-er)

I started Austin stocking, with ALOT of help from Marg. Because I really just dont want to mess it up. But I feel pretty confident I will not..
It shouldnt take me more than 6 months.. ( im not sure if I am joking or not) Loreda said it use to take her 30 hours, and she was  PRO!!!

Keith wired a whole room, and we went to a birthday party yesturday for Jasmyn.. ( she turned ONE)
Austin had a blast with the little boys..

This weekend Austin is having a slumber party with G-grammie, and mommy and Daddy are going to a birhday party...

Very exciting stuff..

Have a good week!!!

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