Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hope bad days only come in threes?

Yesturday, was not so good.
* sick baby, pooping all over the place
* sick dog, puking all over the place ( she thinks Austin FAKE food, is her REAL food)
* gross mess to clean, dog likes to eat trash, and then puke it up, on the floor, EVERY.TIME.WE.LEAVE!!!
* go to school, oh yeah, break down on the middle of a busy highway at 5pm.... in the middle of the road...Keith forgot his cell... stuck for 20 mins, in the middle of said highway... Car wont start.. 
* come home.. more trash.. more poop..more puke...

So.. I thought, okay. How could today be any worse, than my unfortunate and stressful day today..

*So. I set my alarm, because my wonderful and amazing grand father is bringing me to work and ozzy to day care.. BUT.. I Cant sleep through the night, because I am so worried I will sleep through the alarm, and leave him waiting, that I keep waking up to make sure I didnt sleep in!! - which I didnt by the way! ps thanks gramp..
* I thought/ was told that the car was going to the garage today, so in my dumb blonde mind thought it would be okay for Thursday.. Its not. It jsut got to the garage.. thanks to Keiths friend. ( I guess there is a benefit of knowing a million people?)
* Austin only wants cheetos for dinner. NO.. yesh..No.. okay. bedtime..NO! ( that was our conversation by the way!!)
*Austin tells me he had to pee, so I pull his pants down, he sits on the toilet, and says "all done" but didnt pee.. okay thats cute.. THE FIRST 27 TIMES.. but he does it all the time. and hasnt peed yet. so I'm like oh you have to pee? okay, go in your diaper.
* TAXES.. yea we got our taxes done today. YAY!! expcet out lady was... _________!
enough said!!
* shop talk. if you are married to a man who works with other men, than you know what I mean. and seriously?
Enough said.. again..
I could go on!
But I wont. Because Im hungry, and want to eat a box of crutons!!

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