Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Spring..

I am writing to ask if you would please come early.. I miss you, and want to desperatly see flowers, hunt for easter eggs, and run through sprinklers..

* This week went by so fast, I am almost done my externship ( we are talking 40 more hours) and getting up early really helps the day go by much faster. I started a new routine, in which I spend my lunch breaks with Austin and Nana ( no I dont always eat her food) By the time I get back to work at 1, I only have two hours left, and it really doesnt hurt that I LOVE what I am doing.. I LOVE it!!

* My toddler, is coming into his own, his languge has taken a huge leap, and he now speaks in full sentences, which are surprisingly mostly legible.. ( unless your me, because I always understand him)
But this also means that he wants to be more independant, which yes, is good. But he also thinks that HIS way is the only way.. And we are having bedtime struggles, not that he cries, but moreso just sneaks over to his toybox and plays.. I know, its a process,

 and this phase of  child-rearing I WILL not rush, I WILL not pray for him to be older.. Because I already tear up just thinking about him being TWO..

Oh man. He is growing up so fast, so I will enjoy all the time we have at this stage, even though some of it does invlove me being the "bad cop" but hey! someone has got to do it.

* I am sooo thankful for people, like "meme" whom Austin loves with his whole being, and whom I trust with all of mine. I am sooo thankful I was born in 89, and am raising my child in an era where it doesnt make me a bad mom for liking my "alone time" and having sitters.. jeez you have no idea how much I am enjoying it right now...

But you know.. I will run to see him, and scoop him up, because I miss him, but..... LOVE the little breaks I get.. LOVE them ( just notas much as I love him, but they are a second place)
I think they make me a better mom, I get the down time, to refresh.. to charge my batteries ( if you will) because with a two-year old the batteries get used.. A.L.O.T.

I am longing for spring. I smelt my fist skunk yesturday, I refuse to wear a jacket in boycott of this awful prolonged winter.. then... BAM 6 more inches. The only way to get through this winter wonderland is to snowmobile and icefish my Saturday away...

TULIPS... I cant wait to see you!!

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