Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unexpected Day off

Today was a day, that I planned on not staying home.. I planned on getting in some extra hours, I planned a lot of things..
However it seems that at the strike of midnight last night, my day was destined to be horrible, and miserable, and down right unenjoyable..

pheww.. luckily it was not, however when I get a lack of sleep, life seems all the more unenjoyable..

Here's the scope. 3am.. Austin crys . Keith goes to check. Puts him back in bed. Austin sleeps. five minutes later Austin is at our door " mama dadda" ( whining voice) Keith caves and lets him sleep with us, I am miserable because I dont sleep well with Austin in our bed. However he wouldnt sleep, just scream!!! long story short, I didnt sleep much! I was going to get up and go get some hours in!!
BUT!! I did not..

I have decided that the "terrible twos" are not every two year old being terrible. Its every parent letting their child get away with being terrible BECAUCE they are terrible. AND.. this is not a road I am traveling down, becauce trust me, I have seen the outcome of terrible twoers, turned into just horrible kids in general who everyone hates because they.just.dont.mind.or.respect. authority.

I am cracking down. Thus far in our parenting journey, we beleive in spanking, and disicpline, and have a overall well behaved boy. However, when he cries, sometimes, some people give into little boys, not naming names, but men can stand to hear babies cry..


Because, I have read enough to know, that this early, is where they mold their respect for authority, and by golly he is going to behave.

Okay. so, I was a little frusterated today, but so far my new technique of putting Austin in his room and shutting the door, not letting him come out until he stops crying AND says he sorry is working.

He has gone in his room, for punishment, TWICE today. Each time for less than three minutes before he came out and hugged me.

So. I am hopful that my boy will not just be one of THOSE boys, that women let misbehave BECAUSE he is a boy. Because I didnt get to misbehave, and I think its unffair to let males misbehave on that basis, this is where womanizing comes from. IT REALLY MATTERS!!

boy.will.only.be.boys. if thier mothers let them.

So. with that.

We also did some fun stuff so far..

We went outside.. For less than 15 minutes. Because Austin wanted to wear his new shoes, instead of his boots. I told him they would get wet, but he insisted. So. we came back in after a few, but it was worth it to him!

We had lunch, and watched some Kipper, and Austin is now in his own bedroom, with his door shut, sleeping away..

making funny faces on mommys prompt

watching Kipper

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