Saturday, February 19, 2011

The best time to blog...

The way I see it is, you got two options, or two times to blog. Where you sit down you and just type EXACTLY what you are feelings.

Time 1. In the midst of a very stressful time, like right in the middle. Say you get fired, and you come home and blog right then. Before you have a chance to cool down. The plus size is that it makes for good reading, and good gossip, but however on the other hand, you may not mean everything you are saying, because you havent had a chance to let it boil over, and let yourself calm down..

Time 2. AFTER it's all over, and you are overveiwing an event. The day after you get fired, sort of blogging. I lean more towards this one, because more often than not, it portrays how you actually feel as opposed to how you feel in the moment.

Yet, sometimes, like for people like me, who usually stick with their initial feelings, will still feel the same way.
Im not saying this is a good thing, or one I am proud of, but I am the type of elephant that doesnt let things go, and that certainly doesnt forget them.

I guess I am an elephant in all sorts of the manner of speaking.. 1.  large, and I definatly have the appetite of one, 2. I follow all elehpant political veiws more often than not, and 3. I NEVER EVER EVER forget when something as happened to me.

I havent googled elephants, but if they are BIG drama queens, then I know I have found my match.

One must understand what a blog is about. I, however am not limited to just talking about family, religion, or elephants. I type. what I want. what I feel. oh, and also WHEN I want, or WHEN I feel.

This is something I do apologize for, if I catch you off your guard.



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