Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

It has been an evolution, in my entire life I started only liking it for the gifts. But really never liked it, never saw the point in spending money on one day to tell people you love them, I thought you should tell those people everyday, any day.
Which is true, you should, we should do this.

But its hard, with life, and work, and stress.

Its hard to remember that all loves need nurturing, not just marriages. So now, now that I am grown, I LOVE this day, I love the idea of it - to have a day to just tell those you love, that you love them. You cherish, and care deeply, you reallllly love them!

Becky and Keith

My marraige, my husband, my soul-mate lover.

We have been married three years. And we do not have a perfect marriage. We still bicker sometimes, I hate the sound of chewing, Keith hates the way I hate his driving.. We disagree, and sometimes get lost in the stressful day-to-day.. But really, all the things that have happened - the tears, the yelling, the drama, there has been even more good stuff - joy, love, honeymoons, baby making, I mean.. having a baby.. ( wink wink)

The truth is, I wouldnt change anything. Because everything that we go through, is a learning process, and through each argument, we learn something new about one another, and its one less argument we have later on. We are getting older, and more capable of grasping the idea of marraige, and its many complexities.

We married young, and thus, are still growing.. but we are growing together. Learning.

And in these past four Valentines days, I have loved him more with each growing year.

I really took the time to let him know how proud I am of him. How truly blessed I am, that I have a man, who is a man. Who takes the time to tell me too, who has a job, and a car, and loves his wife and child, and family.

He really takes care of us, and really and sincerly loves me. This is something undebatable, we love each other. And its amazing. The feeling of a deep inbedded love inside my chest.

Its amazing.

Austin Walter

There are many kinds of loves. And I would say, the greatest love, is the one of a parent for their child.

I got the most amazing chance to experience this love, two years ago.
And it is better than I have ever known it to be.
This little boy, who was once inside me, is so smart, so gentle and growing so fast.

The love I have for my son, the I-would-move-mountains-love.. is the most mind-boggling love I know.
I never knew I could love someone this much.
I didnt know this love existed.

I always imagined that a mothers love, was comparable to a childs love for their parent, which amazes me too.. The love that a child has for his mother/father also amazes me.
But its different.

However, seeing how much Austin loves us, its in his eyes, it just makes my love for him grow.
It is a wonderful circle, or is it cycle.

Bottom line.
Love is amazing. There are many kinds of love! and they all need nurturing.
There are so many people I love, so many different kinds of love I have, but I am also blessed to have those loves in return. To have so many people who love me!
I am truly blessed!

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