Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 things you must know..

1. I am longing, craving, hoping for desperatly that spring will spring up sometime soon. I want the BBQs, the bonfires, the green grass, the boat, fishing, SUN!!, oh and complaining about how hot it is..
( as if)

2. if we are watching a movie together, regardless of whether or not I have seen it before, I HATE it when you ask me questions through the whole thing... seriously! STOP!!

3. I only have 36 hours left in my externship.. and that means only 2 and half weeks... YAY me!!
I am graduating in June.. DOUBLE yay me!

4. Because of spring, and all its lovliness, I am planning ALOT of stuff.

5. and lastly... Austin's sleeping habits have spiraled out of control. HE takes forever to fall asleep, we give into his crying too often, and it has left us with a boy refusing to go to sleep until 9 or 10 some nights.. AND this has got to stop.. seriously, I am putting my foot down with myself, he is just too darn cute, and knows it, and thereby uses it to con me into letting him lay with me.. BUT NOT ANYMORE..
( yea, we'll see about that)

moral of the story: my life is great! I love it!

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